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This platform is revolutionary for the music market. More than showcasing who you are, it will effectively connect music professionals. If you are not here, you need to be!

Flavio Jagger
Bass Player

I had the privilege of being an early adopter and beta tester. I was blown away with the possibilities. I love it because it protect artists like me from make profiles publishing stuff in my name or using my image.

Alexandre Pires
Professional Artist

This is an amazing idea that is going to change the way people in the music industry connect with each other and how music business is done.

Nando Machado
Music manager and founder of

Sensational initiative! iMusics is going to help every professional on the market in a serious, engaging and focused way.

Cris Simões
Musical Producer and Sound Engineer

The digital revolution has already landed on music and information is everywhere. Imusics offer is of the highest importance to the music business. It not only connects people but it gathers in one place all relevant information for those who lives through and by the music. Best functions, analytics, a complete professional profile and much more, just that easy.

Arthur Fitzgibbon
CEO at One RPM

Today the whole world is connected. But besides connection, the music market requires a platform that offers solutions and innovation, and iMusics got this!

Leo Chaves
Singer & Song Writter

Flavio Jagger SimõesAlexandre PiresNando MachadoCris SimõesArthur FitzgibbonLeo Chaves

What iMusics has?

Everything you need in just one place



Receive endorsements, reviews and feedback about your work

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You are unique, so is your profile

Tailor-made tools for each craft. Make it your own.

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Create your own research and find out what your audience wants, in real time

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Your Shows

Schedule your shows and share them with your fans and friends

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In what are you good at? What are your talents. Tell everybody!

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Videos and Images

Showcase your work with videos and images. Make up, designers, dancers? We’ve got them all!

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