What is iMusics?

A platform made for those who make a living from music and for those who do not live without music. Here users spread their services, their official social media, biography, skills, gain reviews, divulge photos, videos, discographies and their music, besides getting to know what the public / fans think in diverse subjects, social statistics, receive their payments , Connect to other professionals, do various business and much more. All this in an exclusive platform for the music market.

Who fits the segment "I Work with Music"?

Professional and amateur musicians, producers, roadies, music teachers, composers, instrumentalists, studios, concert halls, businessmen, recorders, makeup artists, speech therapists, choreographers, designers and other professionals who live in music.

Who fits the segment "I'm a Music Fan"?


Can I select more than one musical style in my profile?

You will be able to select all the musical styles that interest you, and each selected genre will have a profile in iMusics that will notify you of all the news related to it.

What are the advantages of having an iMusics account?

Own an account on a social platform focused only on the world of music, which focuses on solving and offering everything a person who lives from music needs. In addition, you will find other benefits such as, for example, that there are no cloned or "official" profiles within iMusics, here if you have a recognized name, it is yours, and no one will create an official user profile.

Your favorite genre is not in the genre list. And now? What to do?

Click the "Feedback" option at the bottom of the page and let us know what you need or did not find. We look forward to receiving your feedback and working to get your suggestion up and running quickly.

Your favorite artist is not on our site. And now? What to do?

Click the "Feedback" option at the bottom of the page and let us know what you need or did not find. It will be a pleasure to receive this feedback and work for a star in the making ;)

Do I have to pay to have an iMusics account?

Not a penny!

How to verify my profile?

Check Profile is available to make sure you are yourself, and to ensure the right to use a name. If you consider that your name is unique and should be protected, click the menu available on the upper right side and after you click Check Profile, fill in the information and click submit. Our team will take care of the rest and will keep in touch to check if you meet the requirements.

I am someone famous and I saw a profile that represents me, but it is not mine, what to do?

If the profile is available, simply click on the orange box with the description "REQUEST PROFILE" and after completing the requested information, our team will validate the information and make arrangements so that, if it is your right, it will be released to you. If the profile does not have this option it's because it is being used by another user, and being a misuse, just click on the "red flag" that appears in the profile and make the anonymous report. In this way, our internal team will take care of this to be regularized.

Is iMusics a streaming platform?

No, we are a networking and business platform for the music market. Although you find songs on the platform, the goal is to present the works of the users.

I am not receiving the miscellaneous notifications emails, what do I do?

Within your profile in the settings option, you can enable or disable the option to receive emails.

What is the Private Profile option found within the settings?

It is an option that allows you to keep your profile active, but hidden. That is, when someone searches for your profile you will not be found.

When I created my account, I mistakenly clicked on an option, what to do?

Just click on the settings menu and edit your profile, there you change including your profile type.

What is the Unique User Name?

Here there is no official, real, official profile or the option of someone misusing your name. We work hard to avoid cloned profiles and we assure you that if you have a well-known name, it's yours!

I asked to verify my account, what is the deadline for reply?

We are working hard here to ensure you a short response time, however, we have a very large queue, which unfortunately makes our response time from hours to a few days.

What are competencies?

It is their characteristics and qualities, you add them to your profile and the people who visit you, who know you or who hire you can endorse that you really are good at it.

Can I register my cover band?

Of course, we're here to help everyone who works with music. It is only necessary that, when clearing your profile, you enter the Cover option as one of your options in the "Profile" field.

What is an iMfluencer?

They are people who work in the music market and write good articles about the market and are therefore recognized as influencers. If you have an interest in becoming one of the content partners just send an email to hello@imusics.com and our team will talk to you.

I am a functions band, what are the advantages of using iMusics?

Our goal is for you to be found, just keep your profile updated and active. With this, in addition to helping you generate more connections and business, people can get to know your work, know what they say about you, their qualifications, make reviews, send you messages, request dates reservations, make payments and more.

I can not sign in to iMusics using my Facebook or Google account, what can I do?

To use this feature, it's important that your browser isn't blocking the pop-ups of our site. If you try to log in but you can't, just try to unlock the pop-up windows.

I tried to use the words "real, official" in my username but I couldn't do it. Why?

One of our premises is to ensure that if you have a well-known name, it is yours and no one can exploit it commercially or in bad faith. If your username has one of these words as a fixed part of it, we ask you to create a secondary name and then click on the "Request Profile" option and explain why you need to have one of these words in your username.

What else do I need to know about iMusics?

We are working so that this session of questions and answers is always updated and renewed, just keep an eye here, we will always provide news regarding any doubts, in addition to new features ;-)