Privacy Policy

Hello! Below you will find our Privacy Policy, which we recommend you read carefully as it relates to how your information is handled.

The Privacy Policy is here to do two important things, (1) explain how we use the information you share with us, and (2) make sure you understand what we collect with your permission and what we do with it.

Our privacy policy is intended to ensure that any information relating to our users will not be provided, published or marketed under any circumstances with other third parties, except under the conditions set forth in this privacy policy, specifically regarding the verification of your identity for Security, in order to prevent or detect crimes of ideological or other falsehood that may occur.

The data collected by iMusics serves to provide a better and more targeted website to your preferences, to understand how you use our services and to improve your experience and to inform you about relevant changes in our services, it is important to have your information.

When you browse our website or use the iMusics services we obtain information about who you are in two ways, (1) through the data used to create your account, and (2) through cookies.

Cookies are part of data that a website can send to your browser, being used as a markup that identifies your user or computer. You can configure your browser to notify you before receiving a cookie, and you can also configure your browser to disable cookies, however, if you do, some pages may not work properly.

Another security feature we use is the digital certificate, which is a component that encrypts your information from the moment you enter your login data, and for this, whenever you access our website you will be redirected to a connection HTTPS instead of HTTP.

By using our services you understand and agree that:

  • You will not provide false data under any circumstances;
  • Do not perform actions that harm other users;
  • You will not share your password with any other user, regardless of who you are;
  • You will not create more than one account within iMusics;
  • You will not use iMusics if you are under 13 years of age, unless authorized by parents or legal guardians;
  • Keep your contact information always up to date;
  • Respect other users, not copying or disseminating any information that does not belong to you;
  • You will notify iMusics if you identify or are a victim of any act that may violate our policies, terms or the laws of the countries in which we operate;
  • Your account may be disabled if you take actions that violate our policies, terms of use and current legislation, as well as performing actions that aim to cause harm or harm our users; And
  • You should also read our Terms of Use, available on our website

If you enter our website or application using a secondary login form, such as the third-party application, for example, we will seek your information from this website and store it in your account to ensure its security and legitimacy.

Even though we operate in Brazil, our servers are in the United States of America, in this way, you agree that your data may be transferred to our servers, anywhere in the world.

This privacy policy, together with the other policies and terms of iMusics takes precedence over prior, oral or written agreements, and if for any reason part of it is deemed not applicable, the remaining part will remain valid.

If any point has not been addressed in our policies and terms, this will not at any time be considered as abdication of rights on our part. Also, please note that at no time and under any circumstances, any iMusics employee or partner will request your password in whole or in part.

Due to the rapid evolution of technologies on the internet this policy can be updated without notice, we recommend that you be aware of the warnings on our homepage and your emails, including the spam box, which will let you know when there are changes.

If you have any questions regarding our services, please contact iMusics customer service at

Thanks for reading our terms, now it's all about getting back to iMusics, getting closer to your target audience and doing more business.